Member Insights

Members of the Oregon Psychoanalytic Center share their experience and perspectives on the organization:

Rachel Berkeley quoteIt started when I began the PPP and continues to this day – I don't tire of my work! The program taught me to listen with curiosity, reflect on my reactions, loosen up and question my preconceptions, creatively explore with my clients, and deepen my relationship to myself. My supervisors, instructors, and other OPC members are my valued peers, mentors, and friends. I continue to be involved in OPC as a member of PPP faculty and on the PPP Committee. I consider myself a life-long psychoanalytic learner. 

– Rachael Berkeley, LCSW

Alice Huang quote
OPC is a center that is truly made-for and run-by a wide range of clinicians. It's so accessible to get involved and feel welcomed here!

– Alice Huang, MD

Tom Veeder quote
OPC has provided me with a much needed and powerful community. Complicated and yet devoted in a way that only a true family can be, the OPC community has been an avenue for so much personal and professional growth.

– Tom Veeder, MD

Brent Belford quote
OPC has been instrumental to my growth as a therapist and has transformed the way I work. The range of programs and events OPC offers makes rich psychoanalytic education available to therapists of all experience levels, and I've valued connecting with a community of like-minded clinicians, who are very welcoming and supportive.

– Brent Belford, LCSW