Is Truth Relevant?                                                  

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Duane Dale, MD

9/18, 10/16, 11/20, 12/18/2019, 1/15, 2/19, 3/18, 4/15, 5/20/2020

7:00 - 8:30 pm at OPC


$450 non-memberS
$405 members
$225 residents-Interns-Graduate Students

This series of nine monthly seminars will be discussing articles from a 2016 Psychoanalytic Quarterly Special Issue discussing the topic, “Is Truth Relevant?” Recent speakers for OPC programs prompted the desire to explore further the meaning of ‘truth’ in our clinical work from different perspectives. This issue of the Quarterly provided a ready-made syllabus and an opportunity to explore with colleagues these complex and challenging ideas and writings by a number of prominent analytic writers.

A quote from Jay Greenberg’s introduction will help in describing what we will be discussing: “The responses of our contributors converge in their view that truth continues to be relevant, although each paper in its own way emphasizes that not only relevance, but also truth itself, is inseparable from the context within which it emerges. This convergence—and the nuanced vision of psychoanalytic process that it reflects—is matched by generative differences in the authors’ understanding of when, how, and under what circumstances our analysands can be helped to know and to use the truth in the service of benign therapeutic change. In developing their ideas about these areas of similarity and difference, our authors are advancing a conversation about some of the most important issues with which psychoanalysts of all persuasion are struggling today.”


  1. Critique how well the authors address the question of the relevancy of truth in psychoanalytic clinical work
  2. Compare and contrast the different perspectives presented in the article
  3. Apply concepts discussed to one’s clinical work
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